Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning Services

We offer a wide range of tree pruning services in the North East. Please check out our options below to learn more.

Crown Reduction & Shaping

This involves reducing the size of the crown of the tree overall, yet, maintaining its shape.

Crown Thinning

This involves the removal of branches with the crown of the tree in order to allow more light to penetrate and allow the wind to be less wind resistant.

Crown Cleaning

The method of tree pruning involves the removal of any dead, weak or diseased branches. Improving the overall health of the tree.

Crown Raising

Removal of any branches at the bottom of the crown that may be potential hazards. Allowing increased visibility for road signs, for example.


Areas We Cover

We are proud to serve the beautiful North East of England. We cover a multiple areas in the North East, including: 

Professional Tree Pruning Services

You can rely on us for all kind of tree pruning services. Our services are available for both domestic and commercial clients.

Experienced Professionals

Experienced and skilled professionals. Over 15 years experience.

Committed to Sustainability

We aim to recycle 90%+ of all waste materials.

Fast & Cost Effective

We never take longer than needed & get the job done right the first time, every time.

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